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Barnes & Noble Welcomes New Nook

Written on May 25, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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Read two months straight without needing to turn off your Nook device.

Barnes & Noble added a new black-and-white reader to its “” family. The device, which is priced at $139, has the longest battery life among other readers in the market today—up to two months. The new Nook measures five inches wide by 6.5 inches long and weighs five ounces.

Its screen gives 50% greater contrast, has built-in Wi-Fi connection, can carry over 1,000 book titles and has automatic access to Barnes & Noble’s online bookstore.

The new Nook is now available for pre-order and will start shipping on June 10. By June, it will hit the shelves of retail stores like , Best Buy, Walmart and Staples.

The prices of current models of Wi-Fi Nook went down to $119 while the 3G version is priced at $169.

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