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Bobcom puts power in the hands of bands and fans

Written on May 21, 2011 by R. Depp

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Bobcom gives opportunity to bands to get support from the music industry as well as their fans. Bands also get to score gigs through supporters by listening and sharing their music in the site.

, a Institute-inspired lets get support from the industry and their , as well as their .

CEO Michael Feeney Callan says that the site was inspired by Robert Redford’s Sundance.

“I worked closely with Redford for several years on his biography and was vastly impressed by his commitment to promote marginalized filmmakers.”

“I fully acknowledge the value of the ‘jury of three’ and conventional A&R led industry model, but strongly feel the Internet offers a new-style democracy that gives greater control of their careers and a different way to break out,” Callan says.

As with other web communities, users can sign up for free as fans or . If you sign up as a musician, you can create your page or import from a pre-existing one from Myspace account with music, videos, photos, blogs and . You sign up as an artist, not a band then add your bands to your profile page; an advantage to artists with multiple bands.

Artists are free to upload music for sale, as well as choose their own price. Bands can also search other artists to find new members by location and instrument. Another feature is the Fasttrack competitions.

These competitions are similar with what has been offered in sites like and Indaba Music which basically gives bands a chance to score gigs. Other members then can help these artists grab that chance by sharing, listening, ‘favoriting’ and fanning, which ups the band’s “.”

Another TV series will also be launched soon, with the help of YouTube’s new livestreaming abilities. The show will feature winners of the upcoming Fasttrack competition, which will give musicians a chance to play at The Cavern Club Liverpool, England, the same place where The Beatles played their first gig.

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