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Facebook and Foursquare Aids Localmind Q&A

Written on May 03, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Know what's up on your friend's current location with Localmind.

is a startup app for web, iPhone and Android that uses the combined user base of various check-in applications. It is actually a Q&A layer that is placed on top of , and . All that you got to do is sign up with Localmind, connect to one or more services, then you could start receiving a lot of inquiries about the venue you just checked in from curious users.

For instance, you checked in on a nearby restaurant, then one of your friends wants to know the place’s wait time. He’ll just pop on to Localmind, then ping you with a question. You will then receive your friend’s query via SMS or push notification, and you can give him a clue on what’s happening on your current location. Moreover, Localmind don’t just limits its services to local inquisitors. It also caters to far-away places.

Definitely, Localmind is a way better app than the other stalker-inviting .

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