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Fans Solve the Puzzle of the New Batman Film

Written on May 21, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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Get your fans involved and start a snowball effect in no time.

Last Friday, fanatics of the Batman Trilogy made the effort to crack the code contained on the website of the latest film instalment entitled, .

The film is still in production and will hit theaters on July 20, 2012. Visitors of the website are welcomed with a black screen with chant playing on the background. A clever member of the SuperHeroHype Forums named “Riskproduction” deciphered the code embedded in the track using an audio program and found the audio chart contains the word “.”

The brilliant strategy led to the Twitter account @TheFireRises and several tweets appeared linking to another site showing actor Tom Hardy as the supervillain Bane.

Here’s more! The photo was composed of Twitter or Facebook photos of people who shared the site to other social media platforms via the “Add Me” button.

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  • Daryl Derksen

    there’s more to the puzzle, right click on the image and view it. There is another hash tag somewhere in there!

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