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Five Best Travel and Tourism Practices on Facebook

Written on May 08, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Would you like to secure more reservations from travelers on Facebook? All We Like is giving you five best practices to attract more jetsetters on your way.

People would spend a lot of time browsing on various sites for vacation that they would like to take. And with Pages becoming widespread, travel and brands actively brings their wayfarers to their pages to win free flights and enjoy complimentary perks.

Posted below are five travel and tourism practices that will help brands attract jetsetters and secure more reservations.

1. Boast about your brand

Companies can utilize Facebook’s engaging ways to play up their brands. Custom landing pages enlightens target markets to what’s new with the company.

2. Make contests or giveaways

Everyone loves winning and it’s a great way to engage a brand’s community. So go host a contest and give your fans something to win. Whether it be a free flight, free night at a hotel, or an airfare discount.

3. Diversify your content

It’s not only a status update that can keep a jetsetter engaged on a company’s Facebook page. Try mixing your contents with videos, photos, hotel and restaurant reviews, travel and exciting updates from the company.

4. Embed a booking widget on Facebook

Consumers want to plan their travel easily, and a brand can make that happen when they embed a booking widget on their Facebook landing page. That way, travelers can easily book their page on Facebook without leaving the site. Who would want to leave their Facebook anyway?

5. Post killer photographs

Whether a customer would want to travel for work or leisure, show them what a stay to your hotel may offer. It also works best for airlines, highlighting various destination scenery. Use excellent photographs to make your images irresistible!

What other Facebook tips for travel and tourism brands that you can offer? Share it by leaving a comment.


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