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Interplay’s Financial Crisis Brings Projects in Jeopardy

Written on May 31, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Due to its current financial standing, Interplay brings Fallout Online, Earthworm Jim 4 and other titles in jeopardy.

and other lesser titles are in danger if doesn’t get its financial standing back to normal. According to a 76-page SEC filing from the company, it has a cash balance below $3,000 and a working capital deficit of $3 million.

Interplay claims that it is operating without a chief financial officer, and has opted to pay studios through a net-revenue-sharing model. The company also added that they may be forced into bankruptcy or outright sale if their current situation don’t change. Interplay projects that can be put into jeopardy are Fallout Online, , for DSiWare, and for WiiWare.

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