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Lady Gaga Will Sing To You on Farmville

Written on May 12, 2011 by R. Depp

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Yes, you read that right. Lady Gaga is partnering with Zynga, letting Farmville players stream Gaga’s songs while enjoying the game.

The over 40 million players are welcoming their eccentric, but cool new neighbor: . Just yesterday, popular social gaming company announced its partnership with the pop star, which will let Farmville users stream songs form “,” Lady Gaga’s new album, as it prepares to launch on May 23.

Players will have to visit “Gagaville”, a neighboring farm where they must perform lightweight tasks to unlock tracks from Born This Way.

Zynga spokesperson Raquel di Sabatino says that the partnership is “a fantastic collaboration…a meeting of the minds.” Lady Gaga has already previously worked with Zynga in the wake of Japan tsunami disaster, donating $750,000 towards Zynga’s efforts with Save the Children. Gaga has also been at the forefront of utilizing social media to expand her brand, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Players will be able to get special codes on GagaVille for specific Gaga-themed virtual items as iconic representations of Gaga’s music, particularly the motorcycle/leather/chrome aesthetic of Born This Way.

“Gaga is so excited about this partnership. She’s been seeing the things we’ve been building and is so thrilled with how things have culminated,” says di Sabatino.

GagaVille will only be available until May 26, so if you want to hear Gaga’s new tracks before their release, start Farming now!

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