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Likester: Startup That Tracks What’s Hot on Facebook

Written on May 06, 2011 by R. Depp

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Want to keep track on what’s most ‘Liked’ by everyone on Facebook? Let ‘Likester’ do that for you.

is a new social networking site that uses to gauge the hottest topics, events, venues or personalities in social media. Simply put, the site is a searchable database of what gets Liked on Facebook.

In an statement, Likester founder – Kevin McCarthy – explained the need for the startup,

“I came up with the idea for Likester about a year ago, because Facebook doesn’t show you the whole picture. That is, if just view your news feed every day, you’ll never see the totality of all of your friends likes (some are never shown to you). And you’ll never see likes that occurred more than a day or so apart combined and reported, even when your friends have each individually liked the same thing. Basically, we wanted to provide a structured format for a user to manage all this data. An average user of ours, in their friend network has 15,000 likes. How can you possibly make sense of all of that data, without a service like this. The purpose of the site is a bit more fuzzy. With our launch, we really put out what I think is an interesting feature set, and we’re going to be flexible and nimble, and respond to what resonates with our users.”

The site works by measuring what’s hot at this very moment on Facebook – similar to the engine tracking Twitter’s trending topics, companies, musicians, movies and more.

To prove Likester’s effectiveness,  the startup recently and successfully predicted the bottom three contestants on American Idol, as well as successfully predicting that Stefano Langone would be eliminated. This prediction was made by analyzing Facebook likes that occurred post performance and before the announcement of results across hundreds of pages which are about the contestants.

On the whole, Likester proves to be an effective and more likeable way to track whats hot on Facebook.

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