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Mr. Chow of Hangover II Guest Stars in Mike Tyson’s iPhone Game

Written on May 31, 2011 by R. Depp

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This weekend, The Hangover Part II made its debut on the big screen. At the same time, it made an appearance in Mike Tyson’s iPhone game in a Warner Bros. promotion for the movie.

A free update to ’s iPhone game features the ability to fight , played by in in Bangkok, to watch the full move trailer within the app and buy tickets. For the Hangover fans, the update is especially suitable since Mike Tyson, who plays himself, was the breakout star of the first move and makes a comeback in the sequel.

The update seems to caught more interest in the Main Event so far, which was downloaded more than a million times since its release last March. , the creators of the game, said that they saw more than 120,000 active users of a new “city leaderboard” feature on Thursday, which allows the users to see the top scorers in their area based on geolocation.

The game has also added more virtual features, such as a Power Balance wristband that helps users beat more difficult opponents in their pursuit to get to Mike Tyson. It’s those virtual items along with promos like the one for Hangover II, that RockLive expects will help monetize the free game.


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