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New Playlist Functionality, Added to Spotify’s iOS App

Written on May 25, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Spotify version 0.4.13 for iOS is out! Have you given the 'play queue' function a spin yet?

just released its version 0.4.13 for ’s portable devices like and . This will enable users to sync their playlists even when Spotify is running in the background. In addition to this, the left-to-right ‘swipe’ action on individual tracks reveals additional menu with the following options:

• Star or unstar the track
• Share the track with friends
• Add the track to a playlist
• Show the track’s album
• Show the track’s artist

A new ‘play queue’ option was also added, allowing users to line up tracks they want to listen to. But to have this functionalities from Spotify, the Apple portable device must run 3.2 or higher.

So what are you waiting for? Go update your Spotify now, and don’t forget to post your findings at the comments below.

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