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Nokia N9 Teaser Video – MeeGo FTW!

Written on May 18, 2011 by B Waldorf

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Nokia N9 Teaser Ad Appears! Meego will be the OS for this baby!

is still on the move with OS despite with the partnership with Microsoft (Windows Phone 7) and undying OS of . On the we see glimpses of the upcoming MeeGo-powered QWERTY slider mobile phone, but on several shots of the screens of N9, we think it is a Symbian OS. Less than a week after we saw it unexpectedly pop up in the FCC database, the MeeGo-powered N9 (?) has appeared in a professional-looking teaser commercial.

Final specs on the N9/N950 are as nebulous as its release date: various sources have both Intel and supplying the processor, wildly varying display resolutions (at least the simulated screens in the embedded ad look fine), and a main camera ranging from five to twelve megapixels. With Nokia reportedly being courted by Microsoft, giving up control of Symbian, and of course preparing its initial Windows Phone 7-powered handsets, the N9 certainly couldn’t come at a more turbulent time for the company, so hopefully it packs enough surprises to stand out amid the drama.

Update: A number of people are pointing out that Symbian screen elements are being used here, so we may be looking at Anna and not MeeGo, but nothing is clear at this point.

Update 2: Observant viewers here and over at YouTube noticed that the camera is indeed 12-megapixel, which alone sparks our interest, considering how well the eight-megapixel fellow 12MP N8 captures a photo.

Update 3: The official MeeGo Facebook page has all but confirmed that its OS is running here (posting screenshots of the video on its wall), meaning that the Symbian-flavored bits of the interface are probably just an attempt to create a tangible bridge between the two platforms.

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