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Opera Mini releases mobile browser for iPhone and iPad

Written on May 28, 2011 by R. Depp

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Opera Mini finally lands on the iPhone and iPad. Worth a download for users.

5 has made its way to in April last year and quickly became a big hit.

As with Opera Mini for other devices, for doesn’t only allow users to access webpages more quickly over slower connections, it also has a lot of features not found in the native browser, Safari. Better panning and zooming for viewing sites that do not have a mobile stylesheet is one of the features. It then makes it easier for the user to share links or pages via , Twitter or .

Furthermore, users can also use the browser as it has also been designed to fit the larger device.

Opera Mini 6 is worth a download for users looking for something new, especially if you work with slow connections. It has a nice new UI, some enhanced features and is free.

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