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Over 900 BlackBerry PlayBook Units Recalled Dues to Faulty Software

Written on May 16, 2011 by R. Depp

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Research In Motion (RIM) recalled almost a thousand units of Playbook tablet units with faulty operating systems.

According to , the shipped tablets had software glitches that may have given users a hard time performing the initial set up of the device. In a interview with Crackberry, said:

“RIM determined that approximately one thousand tablets (16 GB) were shipped with an OS build that may result in the devices being unable to properly load software upon initial set-up. The majority of the affected devices are still in the distribution channel and haven’t reached customers. RIM is working to replace the affected devices. In the small number of cases where a customer received a that is unable to properly load software upon initial set-up, they can contact RIM for assistance.”

RIM further said that majority of the tablets pulled out were still at retailers and haven’t reached the customers. The provided a list of the glitches devices — if you’re experiencing trouble with your PlayBook, check if you can find yours’ serial number here.

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