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Playboy to Release Uncensored iPad Offering in May

Written on May 09, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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See the bunnies hop their way on your iPad come May 18.

Hugh Hefner gave fans another tease over Twitter of the coming Playboy offering on iPad: “Playboy will be available on iPad, complete & uncensored, on May 18.” But don’t be too happy about it, subscription to this offering will cost $8 a month.

Hefner played it safe by not using the word “app” on his tweet. This move put to rest the allegation that Playboy would clean up a bit for its ’s Store version. Remember that Steve Jobs stated before that iPad is not going towards the path of full blown adult entertainment.

With this, Playboy tasked its web offering creator, Bondi Digital, to produce an uncensored version that will not pass through the Apple store.

For now, it is too early to finish off this story. There are reports that Playboy has plans to still release a censored iPad app anytime soon.

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