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PocketNow Unveils WP7 Mango Features

Written on May 11, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Microsoft is surely giving its Windows Phone 7 subscriber a sweet treat, as PocketNow reveals its new flavor -- Mango.

’s Windows Phone 7 may be running last on the race, but it’s surely catching up with its . During the World Mobile Congress 2011 the software promised its subscribers with Twitter integration, SkyDrive sync and multi-tasking. At the recent Microsoft MIX11, more for the WP7 Mango has been revealed.

  1. Bing Audio – A ┬ámusic recognition service
  2. Bing Vision – Visual search, similar to Google Goggles
  3. Podcast Support – Lets you subscribe to podcasts on your Windows Phone 7 device
  4. Turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance – As of now, we haven’t been able to confirm if it’ll be an online or offline service, and if it’ll be available beyond the US region.
  5. Voice Dictation – Lets you compose a message by voice.

Furthermore, integrated Windows Live Messenger within the People hub and support for Asian Languages were also reported to be part of Mango. Visit PocketNow for more WP7 Mango details.

Are you excited to have a taste of Windows Phone 7’s Mango update?

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