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Samsung Requests Apple to Provide Samples of Upcoming iPhone and iPad

Written on May 30, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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After Apple filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Samsung last month, the latter want to make sure that it won't happen again by requesting a sample of the big fruit's upcoming devices.

After filed a against last month, the latter’s legal team requested the Cupertino-based company to hand over next-generation versions of the and by June 17, 2011. This is done to make sure that Samsung’s own future devices will not be subjected to the same lawsuit that it’s currently facing. The motion, filed last Friday at San Jose, California, asks the court to make Apple provide samples of the ‘final commercial version(s)’ of the iPhone and iPad — along with its retail packaging.

But a week before the request was filed, Apple petitioned to see the final production samples of the unreleased number of Samsung products – including Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9, Galaxy S II, Droid Charge and Infuse 4G. While at that, Samsung asks that only their lawyers – and not the production team – be allowed to see the upcoming Apple devices.

Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung last month alleged the latter of copying the user interface and design features of big fruit’s devices. Samsung fired back by launching a number of patent infringement lawsuits, aiming at Apple’s products in various countries. While the two company compete, they have been close business partners. Nevertheless, the relationship has not kept Samsung and its telecommunications group from being targeted.

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