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Set Your Twitter Search Right with

Written on May 02, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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If you find searching for that one old tweet in your timeline a pain, let ease it for you.

With ’s own returning limited results, and Google and Bing focused on real-time outcome, searching for old tweets can be cumbersome. More often than not, you will find yourself scrolling through your timeline in search of that one tweet you posted months ago. And if you tweet a lot, that can be a hassle!

But worry not, because has come up with a solution. The Twitter will determine 200 of your most relevant follows. In addition to this, index up to 400 tweets per user. It will not only output search terms with your keyword in a tweet, but will also index tweeted web pages.

For users that do a lot of user research, is a potential Twitter search engine, as it aims to be the micro-blogging site’s most comprehensive search tool to date.

Have you given a try yet? Feel free to share your findings about it at the comments.

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