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Sony Disputes Report About May 31 Deadline for PSN Restoration

Written on May 10, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Sony has informed the poeple that Bloomberg's wording, which was the foundation of this story, is inaccurate and the May 31 deadline does not exist.

After an announcement that will be partially putting the back online last week, it seems that nothing really happened. The past seven days just came and went, and the services are still down. So when will Sony bring back the online? The answer still hangs up in the air.

As of today, the company still doesn’t have a concrete timetable as to when its services will be back online. However, Sony spokesperson – Shigenori Yoshida – said that everything should be restored by the end of this month. even added that the company has set May 31 as the deadline to restore all PSN services.

But Sony disputed Bloomberg’s statement, and cleared out that the May 31 deadline is inaccurate and does not exist. The company doesn’t seem to established any deadline for the restoration of PSN, so the people still have to wait until appropriate security measures are in place.

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