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Unreleased PSP Accessories Can Turn PSP to a Mobile Phone

Written on May 19, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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With a touchscreen panel and cellular radio, the Sony PSP could have been a game console and mobile phone in one.

’s features touchscreen and cellular antennas. But it is unknown to the many that the company also planned to add these features on the — the same time they were working on the console’s camera accessory and GSP receivers.

As detailed on the diagram of a filed patent application below, Sony Computer Entertainment planned to include a touchscreen panel accessory to the PSP. Users would plug the device in the console’s USB port and flip the touchscreen on top of it. The stylus could be used to give on-screen keyboard input or play games.

Furthermore, Sony also planned to release a touch panel with a to turn PSP to a portable phone. Compare to the , it has numeric keys drawn on it to make the device feels like a regular phone.

Based on a Japanese patent, the touchscreen accessories were drafted in 2004. But they were eventually scrapped. And now that the diagram is out in the open, would you like to see your PSP turning to a mobile phone?

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