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Windows Phone Marketplace, to Send Apps to Windows Phones

Written on May 26, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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The Mango operating system for WP7 is not just making its devices 'smarter', it will also bring a new web-based version of the Windows Phone Marketplace.

As posted on Microsoft’s Windows Phone Developer Blog, the company will launch a new web-based version of the Windows Phone together with the rolling out of operating system this fall. The web-based Marketplace will enable users to choose and buy from its 17,000 apps on a web browser and directly send it to their Windows Phone 7 over the air.

However, if the Marketplace service is not activated on a cellphone, it will use SMS to turn on the over-the-air app service before a user can download and install a software. In addition to this, users can send an email for themselves with a link to the app. The Mango operating system for aims to make its devices smarter and easier, focusing on efficient multitasking, enhanced cloud integration and better platform tools for developers.

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