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YouTube Founders Acquire Tap11

Written on May 10, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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After Delicious, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen just acquired Tap11! What would their AVOS be up to?

Following their acquisition of , YouTube founders – and – purchased a real-time business intelligence platform called Tap11. It is an analytics platform that focuses on Twitter and Facebook, though it can be linked to other social media and publishing accounts. Both and Delicious will be part of Chad Hurley and Steve Chen’s .

The Tap11 acquisition offers important context to the Delicious purchase. As stated by Tap11’s CTO, Braxtom Woodham:

“We plan to leverage our Volume algorithm to fully measure the impact of content consumed and shared across the social ecosystem. In combination with, we will be able to provide consumers and publishers with deep, relevant insights and recommendations.”

Simply put, the data wrapped inside Delicious’ environment is what makes it valuable. Publishers and marketers could potentially acquire insights on how many users bookmark, tag, share or discover a link using the bookmarking site. And that can be very powerful. By having a robust reporting, analytics platform and access to millions of bookmarks, AVOS is up to something.

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