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A courteous way to send emails in Gmail

Written on June 08, 2011 by R. Depp

Comments Off, a new service for Gmail users, enables users to show people the user’s current email load.

is the product of a new research project at of Interactive Computing headed by , an assistant professor. It was created to make inboxes more socially considerate spaces by periodically checking load.

By giving access to your your email patterns, the state of your , your unread message count, total and your sent mail volume will all be analyzed to determine your current level of email traffic.

The service provides the user with a link to share with friends and/or include as an email signature. That link will direct contacts to a page that shows whether your email load is low, normal or high.

You can control what it should monitor to measure it: the unread messages in the inbox, the total number of messages in the inbox or how much mail has been recently sent.

Gilbert says, “I think we’re really good at the etiquette part when we have the cues that allow us to be polite.” “ helps manage expectations and lets people choose to send mail when it’s best for you,” he adds.

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