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A New Hidden Feature on Twitter

Written on June 15, 2011 by Lulu

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Twitter is not sharing something. Are you familiar with Follow Recommendation?

There’s a new feature in that wasn’t announced on public. The feature is called “Follow Recommendation”, which let users to create a list of people who he thinks his followers must also follow. It seems that the hidden feature allows you to create a personal suggested list for people that will sign-up on directly from your profile. Users that want to use this feature must first create a plain old list and add the code # in the list’s description.

This feature is clearly made for company brands and artists to increase the number of their targeted market on Twitter community. That may be the reason why only few people knows about the “Follow Recomendation” feature. Twitter Communications Representative, Carolyn Penner, said that there still might be other ‘secret features’ on Twitter, when asked if there were other hidden features in Twitter.

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