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A Preview of Luigi’s Mansion Sequel

Written on June 08, 2011 by Lulu

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Luigi's Mansion 2 was demonstrated at the Nintendo's E3 2011 press conference, surprising all the participants of the said event.

Participants of ’s press conference appeared to be surprised by the announcement  of Luigi’s Mansion 2. However, they are not as surprised by the fact that they actually missed the heck out of the original. It’s not that the game’s lovely, suction powered gamecube ancestor exceptionally forgettable, its just that they saw quite a few years since the franchise’s inception.

Playing the latest 3DS title agitate the nostalgia even more than the announcement trailer brings. It’s difficult not to agree with Luigi, who shivers and creeps his way accrossed countless illustrious estate in search of mysterious phantasms. Its also hard to disregard the fact that Luigi’s characteristically slow ghost hunting have gotten even slower. The depth of field is not the same, but the core ghostbusting process remains. Luigi hunts from one room to another in search of a particular creature, then all of the sudden plagued by smaller but bothersome ghosts. Enemies must be defeated by a strobe of flashlight before giving them the Hoover treatment.

While the original Mansion included a few other elements to this scheme, the demo didn’t do a whole lot to display what’s new this time around. The only thing that throw some variety  into the mix were the ghosts themselves. As they burst out from an object, they appeared to take some of the item with them. For example, a couple which materialized from a fully set dinner table wielded pans as shields against your strobe. The mansion where the demo game took place appeared to be as dark and creepy as the first game’s singular setting. Hallways look unsuprisingly great with 3D shutter turned up, and the constant momentary power outages are just unsettling as they were the first time around.

Unluckily, its difficult to find all of Luigi’s Mansion 2’s nostalgia-inducing elements captivating when they’re sorrounded by a few of the worst framerate issues on 3Ds. They were certainly intensified by the fact that Luigi’s ways of movement are slow and methodical, mostly out of terror and fear, while the framerate slows to an undesirable crawl in some of the game’s more crazy moments.

However, Next Level Games still has plenty of time to find a solution for the slowdowns. As it stands, the demo just gives a glimpse of the sequel’s capacity, appearance and its features.

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