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After Making Deals with Microsoft, Skype’s Executives Got Fired

Written on June 20, 2011 by Lulu

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On immediate aftermath of FTC approval of its deals with Microsoft, Skype fire several of its executives of their company.

After the FTC approval of deal with , immediately fired some of their executives to reduce overlap with Big Red’s own marketing and HR teams that have a similar role to them. Executives Don Albert, Doug Bewsher, Chris Dean, Anne Gillespie, David Gurle and Russ Shaw have all either left or have clear plans to leave . Two senior officials – Allyson Campa and Ramu Sunkara – were also brought in from ’s buyout of .

Even though Microsoft and Skype have different division on its organization, Skype’s lay-off was used to relieve their fear that the latter might redevelop them —  non-Windows platforms or even the Skype itself. Windows’ developer hardly makes success on folding in large acquisitions, and is known for having torpedoed by suppressing many of the assets that had given the its reputation.

A Skype spokesperson also said that Skype is like a pragmatic organization that constantly changes to deliver their best product to their consumers and clients. The cuts has been done just for the sake of their customers.

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