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Anonymous Group of Hackers’ Next Target, U.S. Federal Reserve

Written on June 14, 2011 by Lulu

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A group of hackers widely known for their distributed denial of service(DDoS) attack is targeting the Federal Reserve next.

The Web site is in trouble of shutting down as the hacker declare that they will be targeting the said site if Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke refuse to step down on his position.

Using a distributed denial of service(DDoS) attack that was designed to shut down a Web site, the Anonymous groups had shut down several government and company websites. Some of the site that they had attack are Spanish national police site, Turkish government site and even Sony which is the best known operation of the group.

The group also attacked PayPal,Visa and MasterCard last year when those companies ceased WikiLeaks in receiving contributions through their .

Their campaign, called Operation Empire Rebellion, based on their Youtube video set to coincide with U.S. Flag day is calling for the resignation of Bernanke. The Federal Reserve in Washington D.C. did not gave any statement regarding this issue.

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  • Bruce Miller

    Even China’s Finance Ministers have spoken out against the U.S. Fed’s systematically reducing the real value, the P.P.P value (Purchasing Power Parity) value of debts made in good faith, recorded sums on paper, in U.S. funds, only to find the Fed’s have gone on “Funny Money” printing sprees, reducing the value of the paper they intend for payment by huge percentages, thereby robbing the creditor of his value! Because of this systematic robbery of all who contract in U.S. dollars, Canada must free itself from U.S. dollars, insist on payments in stable, unmanipulated Yuan, Gold bullion, or Canadian dollars, otherwise, we sponsor the U.S.. “highway robbery” of the world, and cater to the biggest parasites of all time! Remember: U.S. is really bankrupt! They owe 14.Trillions of U.S. dollars that once had real value, for example, when the debts were made, $300. U.S. dollars bought one troy ounce of gold – now, at “Pay-back time”, it take a whole $1860.00 U.S. dollars to buy one troy ounce of gold! Who got screwed? The lender of course! Is this honest? Is this fair? is this good business practice? Does China like this? Does anybody? Is this why there are riots on the streets in Greece Spain, Ireland England Italy? Putin the leader of the free democracy of Russia, no longer communist, thinks so and , he said so! Right out loud! Harper intends doing business, to buy expensive, obsolete U.S., Jets on an un-tendered,  unconditional, secretive, contract possibly already signed! Asshole? Payed off? France’s Mirage not good enough? Sweden’s jet? The English jets?Russia’s newest jets? Even China is in the game, and likely a more honest trading partner? Where did Brazil buy its jets? Why? Did Harper act as “Governor of the state of Canada” in signing un-tendered , hidden from Parliament, defense contracts?
    Autonomous does well,= to seek information, secret information on the “Fed’s” Who are they? Why the secrets? Who controls them? Shutting down their sites doesn’t tell us much more than you can! Do an ‘Assange ” Sneak, then tell!

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