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Apple’s Rumor Roundup for WWDC 2011

Written on June 06, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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With the WWDC 2011 kicking off later, people will finally know what Apple rumors will come to fruition and those that will remains salty.

The will take place later at Moscone West in San Francisco, making all the recent circulating rumors laid to rest. With 5, and pre-announced by Apple, people already have an idea of what majority of Steve Job’s keynote will be all about. However, further details are still vague.

Let’s take a peek at some of the major rumors in play at today’s WWDC.

The or
It looks like Apple is gearing up for a fall launch this year, despite the company using WWDC to introduce every iPhone version. Therefore, the next iPhone will either be named as iPhone 4S that offers just a spec bump, or iPhone 5 with an entirely new look. However, there can be a bigger chance that this event will only be all about the device’s software.

iOS 5: Voice Control
Earlier this year, Apple purchased the voice control app for mobile devices, Siri. With voice control currently limited on the iPhone, the Siri acquisition now gives the company the technology to make it feasible.

iOS 5: Notification Revamps
Following Apple’s hiring of webOS interface designer – Rich Dellinger – as Senior UI designer last year, rumors have it that MobileNotifier developer – Peter Hajas – was recently brought in by a certain Cupertino-based company. Does this means that Apple is getting ready to change its bothering notifications in iOS?

iOS 5: Twitter Integration
The Rumor-ville people has it that Apple is planning on having a ‘deep Twitter intergation’ in iOS 5. But no one really knows what could that mean. The possibilities are endless, ranging from photo uploading to Messages and Contacts integration.

iOS 5: Miscellaneous
The iOS 5 preview is also anticipated at this year’s WWDC, including its widgets and the deep iCloud integration.

iCloud: Music Streaming
The iCloud is one big rumor that is heading to WWDC 2011. With all major record labels now signed on Apple’s iCloud service, the mechanics of cloud music streaming is the only thing unclear. However, All We Like reported last week that the iCloud music streaming is said to be only available for iTunes-purchased tracks first.

iCloud: Data Syncing
The huge Apple data center in North Carolina has fired up tons of speculations this year, including the data syncing issue. This could mean anything, ranging from cloud backups to mobile home folders.

The June 14 Launch of Lion OS X
Recently, rumors of a mid-June launch for the Lion OS X emerged. However, if the iCloud requires deep OS X ties, developers will need more time to work at Lion’s current build before its release.

This year’s WWDC has the potential of becoming a big event, with the Apple rumor mill going insane. There will be rumors that are bound to materialize, while others doesn’t have a single grain of truth in them. But which among the said rumors will be for real or not, that is yet to be known.

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