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Asura’s Wrath’s Preview at E3 2011

Written on June 12, 2011 by Lulu

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From the developer and creator of .hack/Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, CyberConnect2 alongside with Capcom, presents Asura's Wrath.

Asura’s Wrath, ’s newest game, will let you play the role of Asura. Once a revered deity that was betrayed by his fellow gods and stripped of all his powers, he’s now thirsty for vengeance. Asura will use all of his hatred and fury to bring down all of his enemies. One of it is Wyzen — who gets bigger every time Asura beats him.

Asura’s Wrath, developed by , has a lot of qualities that make it more exciting than the other games that can be seen in . With a story and a game play structure similar to Sony’s God of War, this game is also serious about combining the gameplay brawling, launching occasional crowd clearing attack and shooting mystical objects.

To move with the game’s structure, you’ll play through a level until you’ve made enough improvement to fill a “burst” gauge. Upon hitting a particular button, it will trigger an interactive cut-scene (QTE-laden) that moves the story along same as the transitions into the next scene.¬†All of this features are wrapped up in a kind of presentation that hangs the gamers chapter by chapter, making it more interesting to play. This also builds satisfying stops within the games.

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