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Bill Clinton Showed up at the Spider-Man Musical Show

Written on June 16, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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After repeated delays and six months of previews, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark had already streaked the Broadway. With special guests, Mr. Bill Clinton and - former director - Julie Taymor.

A dreadful Spider-Man was held at the recently. Though the said show didn’t receive numerous positive reviews and comments, it is still considered as an unforgettable night, as two famous personalities showed up in the theater — , the one who’s supposed to direct the musical but was forced to quit by the producers several months ago, and Mr. .

Right before the show started, Bill Clinton was seen entering the theater together with his daughter, Chelsea. He headed on seat no. 103, beside Bono. The former US President was really amazed by the performances of the actors, giving a round of applause every after song. He also laughed really hard during the scene wherein Green Goblin becomes bothered by a voice mail system.

Julie Taymor, as stated by the Times, “looked tan and hale and smiled broadly” while she is walking on the red carpet. The show’s current director, Philip William McKinley, called her up the stage to join the cast for their final bow. Julie Taymor embraced Bono and the actors, and even kissed the producer. Bono, as a response, took a microphone, thank Julie Taymor for her creativity, and said: “By the way, you’re looking hot, Julie.”

Several comments have been released with regards to the musical show. Some says that the Spider-Man: is “really, truly horrendously and unfixably bad down to its bones”. Ben Brantley, as well, wrote on Times that he’d “consider taking (a less-than-precocious child of 10 or so) to the new and improved Spider-Man.” And would rank it as one of the worst musicals to ever be staged on Broadway.

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