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BlackBerry, on the Verge of Developer Stampede

Written on June 21, 2011 by Lulu

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As BlackBerry's number of users still doesn't increase, Seesmic - one of its mobile application developer partner - had ceased their operation for creating BlackBerry apps.

developer, , will stop making its app at the end of June. The company said that they will focus on developing on its most popular platforms like iOS, Android and Windows phone. Seesmic also added that they will continue working on their web and desktop .

Mobile application developers must focus on the platforms with the most number of users. Sadly, BlackBerry is not included in that group. Developers also don’t believe that BlackBerry will do in the coming years.¬†Other mobile app developer companies are also considering the same move done by Seesmic.

If a stampede occurs, it might send BlackBerry into a downward death spiral because fewer apps mean fewer customers. And that can tantamount to less interest from developers and so on.

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