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Blending Mobile Marketing with Social Media

Written on June 18, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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“Mobile is the glue” that binds a person’s online life to their real-world activities. So what should you do to integrate mobile marketing with social media?

Tim Hayden, co-founder and chief marketing officer of 44Doors, said in the recent and session that ‘’ binds a person’s online life to their real-world activities. As an entrepreneur, your customers are always on the go and your marketing needs to reflect that reality. However, a business must optimize its marketing efforts first before jumping into to reach its customers.

Here are some ways to integrate mobile into your business’ .

1. Simple is Best
The distinction between social and web contents goes double for mobile. Aside from linking that QR code to your website or Facebook page, mobile contents must be accessible, easy to appreciate and share. Otherwise, it won’t make the reaction you’re hoping for.

2. Glance and Go
QR codes are the fastest and most widely available connection tools by the longest mile. The reason? Taking a picture of something is more natural and swift than looking for a Twitter handle, searching for a webpage, or finding a place to check into according to a location-based social network.

3. Context-based Content
Ensure that your mobile content will be useful to customers in the same location you anticipate them to experience it. On the other hand, you can use location to tweak your content and make it more applicable. For instance, if your offering recipes to go with your customer’s grocery list, make them region specific to add local taste and ingredients.

4. This is Just the Beginning
Mobile marketing is just one touch point in a long line of interactions that you’ll be having with your customers. A great mobile content offers users a taste of what your brand is all about, and letting them connect with it.

Now that you know how to blend with mobile marketing, how are you going to work with it?


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