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Build a school to meet Justin Bieber

Written on June 16, 2011 by R. Depp

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Canadian pop prince Justin Bieber has teamed up with Pencils of Promise to launch Schools 4 All, a project to provide an education to some 75 million children across the world who don’t have access to it.

The site has set up a platform where anyone can set up a personal fundraising page to build a school in a budding country. joined to build a custom platform. The users can modify their pages, add videos, create widgets as well as share updates through their social networks.

Its mission is to reach a younger generation of digitally savvy users without making the process too difficult. The page that gets the most funds will get to choose which school gets a visit from Bieber and , Pencils of Promise’s founder.

Bieber’s participation in this campaign meant easy participation form younger fans as well, people who can most relate to education issues. An example of kids helping kids and using celebrity in a smart way is . Anyone can start a fundraising page; parents, teachers, education enthusiasts, Bieber enthusiasts but the demographic obviously is the youth.

The overall progress of the project is being tracked in the homepage and will end at June 30. 4 All has raised more than $145,000, which will pay for about seven new to be built so far. A leaderboard also shows which pages have raised the most money.

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