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Charlie Harper Bites the Dust at Two and a Half Men

Written on June 28, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Chuck Lorre is making sure that Charlie Sheen won't be able to come back at Two and a Half Men, as the latter's character - Charlie Harper - will definitely be pushing up daisies.

will be sober for a couple of minutes when it premieres in September, as Alan and Jake learn of ’s death. According to sources close to the show, is making sure that won’t be able to come back to Two and a Half Men — ever.

The first show won’t be filmed until August 5. However, producers are kicking around scenarios that includes Charlie Harper driving a car over a cliff. In relation to this, there were rumors that will enter the scene as a buyer of Charlie Harper’s house following his death. There were also rumors that the first script is not yet good to go, as Chuck Lorre makes changes often.

Regardless, Charlie Harper will definitely bite the dust.

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