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Create Movies Using Photos from Friends’ iPhones, with Flixlab

Written on June 22, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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With Flixlab, you can now make instant videos by using you and your friends' photo galleries.

, an that was recently released in the market, allows you to create cool using or footage from both your iPhone’s gallery and your friend’s.

The video making is quite easy. Just by using your own video clips and pictures, or even newly taken shots from your profile, you can create a collaborative video presentation — which you can share with your friends through social sites. And to make your footage more interesting, Flixlab offers a huge collection of themes, transitions, and music effects, which you can use for your video.

Since this application entitles you to make use of you and your friends’ photos, “” is considered to be Flixlab’s best asset. It made Flixlab different from other video applications such as , and . This feature works by automatically collecting the photos which you and your friends had, so you can add them to your movie.

This app is expected to face the same issue startup has — you need a large number of people to use Flixlab in order for it to work well.

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