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DIY Magnetic Silly Putty: It Slowly Eats and Digests Small Magnets

Written on June 15, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Silly Putty craves for magnets. It's an elastic liquid that stretches, bounces, and could be broken by a high amount of force.

, also known as , is a kid’s toy that is made from silicone polymer. It is fun to use because it has some properties that are interesting and unique. First of all, the is viscoelastic — which means that it can be stretched and re-shaped in any desired forms. Its elasticity changes when a huge amount of force is applied into it. It can be torn through using high impact, and it can bounce.

Silly Putty is described as a non-Newtonian or a dilatant fluid. But perhpaps, it is one of the rare viscoelastic liquids one could ever think of because it stretches, it can transfer ink, its similar to mussel fiber, and guess what? Thinking Putty can also be broken especially if it is forced with a sharp blow.┬áSilly Putty’s favorite meal are . This thing is attracted to any magnetic stuffs, even magnetic powders.

Creating your own magnetic Silly Putty is quite easy. All you have to do is fold a ferric iron oxide powder – a material which can be found in art supply shops – into a body of Silly Putty. Make sure that it is fully magnetized and dyed with black powder so that you can see it stretching and moving like a thick liquid magnet, aiming to eat small magnets.

If you will likely to put Silly Putty near magnets, it will forcibly digest them slowly. It’s like a science-fiction horror creature that pulls enemies inside itself.

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