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E3 2011: Electronic Art’s from Orpheum

Written on June 07, 2011 by Lulu

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A press conference was held at the Orpheum theater for the release of Electronic Art's newest game offering.

Electronic Art’s E3 an event from at the Theater to their newest that will be out in the shelves.

The conference was started by a video clip from the game Mass Effect 3 showing massive comets streaming toward the earth. Casey Hudson, the executive producer of ME3 step up on the stage. Then they demonstrate the games using video clips video clips of its gameplay.

After the demonstration of ME3, John Riccitiello,the CEO of Electronic Arts (EA)jumps on the stage and said “At EA we do it a little different. we don’t invite random celebrities to our press for guest appearance. We demo our games.”

Executive producer Jason Delong step up the stage to demonstrate the latest Need For Speed: The Run. He said “Over the last few years, the team at Black Box” has been creating an all new racing experience. “Need for Speed the Run is packed with break-neck speed.” Autolog has “revolutionized” how gamers play racing games. This time around, Autolog is weaved into the game story, and fully implemented in career mode.”Now comes the demonstration of the game.Players racing across America in an illegal street race. Between driving sections, players control the driver on foot through action-packed QTE-driven sections.

Now its time for the Star Wars: The Old Republic. Dr. Greg Zeschuk, VP and Group Creative Officer of BioWare is on stage. “Meeting and hopefully exceeding the expectations of the most loyal and demanding” fans is intimidating”, zeschuk said. And he added that meeting BioWare’s own expectation is even harder.Then he talks about the Star Wars and told the participant “I’m not going to convince you to play it. Just play it, get lost in it, and live in it.” and the trailers comes out.

Another trailer comes in, the SSX.Peter Moore, head of the sport division of Electronic Arts promises a massive open world to the gamers. He also announced that Madden 12 kicks off on August 30.

Matt Bibey, VP and general manager of football on stage takes the stage and talks about the new FIFA game.”This year we have what we believe to be the most advanced” engine in the industry. FIFA 12 has all new tactical defending. “Timing and tactics are crucial.” New precision dribbling. The Player Impact Engine has been in development for over two years, a new physics engine for the players. Players will push and pull at each other as they fight over the ball.” Bibey said. Then the FIFA promo video goes up.

Bibey also announced a new service, the EA Sports Live football Services. It allows player to connect and compete. It will be available via Facebook, Iphone, Ipad or PC.

Riccitiello came back to stage to present The Sims Social for Facebook.This game allows players to share their Sims experience via Facebook.

Another game trailer is seen on the theater screen, and Curt Schilling takes the stage to talk about Kingdoms of Amalur. Insomniac’s Ted Price is up, sharing the new multi platform franchise. He present Overstrike. An action game featuring a team of black ops black sheep taking on a daring mission.

Kal Magnus Troedsson of DICE steps up to talk about Battlefield 3.”This the game we always wanted to make, and will be the best Battlefield experience ever.” Troedsson said. Battlefield 3 arrives on October 25.

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