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Facebook New Feature Lets Users Interact with Ads

Written on June 26, 2011 by Rudfer Tyron

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You don’t just look at Facebook ads, you talk to them.

According to the site Adage, the biggest social networking website is opening a new ad unit which will be named as “Comments”. This will be managed by the ad agency . The unit will utilize users’ comments to show as sponsored statements. Company brands can ask questions on their pages and these questions will appear as display ads on the right side of pages. Once a user responded, all the rest of the discussion of the poll will appear on the user’s profile. In this way, friends of that particular user can also join in the discussion.

Leo Burnett’s chief innovation officer, Mark Renshaw said: “Unlike in other advertising, we’re not telling people how to think about the brand. We’re just asking them to participate in the conversation.”

Some of the brands which will use this medium in promoting their brands are Hallmark, Buick, Allstate and Samsung.

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