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Google Closed Off Invites for Google+

Written on June 30, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Google has closed off invites after just a few hours of its release, due to "insanely high" demands.

+, the search engine giant’s answer to , was opened to the masses through . The Google+ is the company’s social initiative, which brings friend streams, group video chat and texting to its million of users. However, Google closed the invites – a few hours following the announcement – due to “insanely high” demands.

There were no words yet on when will Google open the Google+ invites to the public again, or whether there will be no longer a second wave. If you happen to be on Google+, feel free to share your insights on the at the comments.

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  • Anonymous

    Uggh. I can’t believe I didn’t get an invite. I have everything Google. My phone is android, i have google voice, talk, I pay for Goog apps. Then I hear about Rockmelt through the commotion and what did I see? Chrome, actually Chromium. I have to admit it looks pretty nice, the only turn-off was having to log into my Facebook account. I hear there’s a massive amount of money being pumped into Rockmelt right now. This may be the retaliatory strike against Google+. If Google doesn’t get Google+ out fast, it might be a bust. Goog app users may even defect since they are being left out. I really hope this isn’t a repeat of the Wave debacle.

  • SetSocial

    Google+ is nice, I like it a lot, super fast, too bad they closed invites, I hope they reopen it soon so I can get all my other friends connected

  • Yepun Kim

    Me too, I can’t believe I wasn’t able to get an invite.

  • Jon Sosidka

    I was invited.  I can invite people.

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