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Hack Attack Infographic: How to Secure Your Accounts from Hackers

Written on June 28, 2011 by Lulu

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After several attacks from Lulzsec, an infographic called Hack Attack was made to educate the public from the hazard that a hacker can do.

As Lulz Security – also known as – grabs the attention of the world by hacking high profile organizations’ websites, a lot of people are now aware of what a hacker can do.

Lulzsec had hacked Sony’s PlayStation Network compromising 77 million user accounts. The group obtained personal information of the company’s clients including login ID, password, purchase history, billing info and their credit card numbers.┬áThe group also infiltrated government agencies’ sites like, wherein they took the Infragard passwords and email accounts. In addition to these, Lulzsec was able to control CIA’s website and obtained several database and internal host from the

Based on the statistics, almost 1/3 of the US and UK population became a victim of hacking. In 2008, total losses due to hacking reached $1 trillion. It is now predicted that 2011 losses due to hacking will surpass the 2008 mark.

Nowadays, there are several lurking around. Some were jailed for a period of time (Top Black Hat) and those who created useful tools and applications (Top White Hat). Several of them also got a high paying jobs. One of them would be George ‘’ Hotz who is currently working for Facebook.

For the security of your internet accounts, you must choose strong passwords with a combination of numbers, alphabets and symbols in lowercase and uppercase. It must also reach 9 characters or more for better security.

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