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How Facebook Places Stacks up Against Foursquare

Written on June 04, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Who's better when it comes to check-ins: Facebook Places or Foursquare? Perhaps, Wildfire Interactive can answer that question.

Ever since entered the check-in game, many wondered how much the largest social network stacks up against . With Facebook having almost 700 million users, has boasted growth since the launch of . However, released a data of the Top 10 most check-into locations on Facebook Places and Foursquare. But how do these world-famous designations stack up in terms of ?

Here are the comparisons.

O’Hare International Airport (Chicago, USA)
Facebook: 219,000 check-ins
Foursquare: 214,000 check-ins

Times Square (New York)
Facebook: 131,000
Foursquare: 51,000 check-ins

San Francisco International Airport (San Francisco, CA)
Facebook: 211,000 check-ins
Foursquare: 258,000 check-ins.

Facebook Headquarters (Palo Alto)
Facebook: 114,000 check-ins
Foursquare: 5,772 check-ins

Logan Airport (Boston)
Facebook: 84,000 check-ins
Foursquare: 66,908 check-ins

Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, Texas)
Facebook: 50,000 check-ins
Foursquare: 20,800 check-ins

Westfield Shopping Mall (London)
Facebook: 38,000 check-ins
Foursquare: 11,300 check-ins

Hotel Piazza di Spagna (Rome)
Facebook: 6,000 check-ins
Foursquare: 1 check-in

Caesar’s Palace (Las Vegas)
Facebook: 33,000 check-ins
Foursquare: 29,300 check-ins

In most categories, Facebook Places records more check-ins than Foursquare. But there’s no point in denying that the latter has fared quite well. It will definitely be an interesting exercise to compare Foursquare’s top location check-ins against Facebook Places, once data are available. This report from Wildfire Interactive only indicates that Facebook Places is rapidly growing, especially in international designations.


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