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Human Brain Data can Predict a Song’s Success

Written on June 14, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Researchers at Emory University had successfully finished a study about a teenager's brain data to predict the future fame of a pop song.

Before, can only discover several things – the weather, types of diseases, cures, and the occurrence of supernatural events. But now, who would ever imagine that the nerdiest people on earth could predict what songs will be featured in the hit chart?

Recently, a bunch of outstanding researchers at had conducted series of studies with regards to listening to trendy songs. They have found out that through testing human’s responses, they could anticipate the success of such tunes. As uttered by the scientists, “at the level of cells and synapses, teen-age brains simply find some songs more rewarding to hear, even when the listeners say they don’t like the tunes on questionnaires and surveys.” Well, that is definitely interesting to know, isn’t it?

Few personalities also reacted on the said study. , a neuro-economist and director of Emory’s Center for Neuropolicy, commented:

“The punch line is that brain responses correlated with units sold. We have scientifically demonstrated that you can, to some extent, use neuroimaging in a group of people to predict cultural popularity”.

While Baba Shiv, a marketing professor at , said:

“This research shows that the brain activation is able to predict what music is going to become popular two or three years from now. We have to wake up to the notion that these instinctual brain functions can have predictive value.”

Probably this would be a sign for new jobs to expand in the future. Who would know, maybe one day human brains can as well have the ability to figure out what will happen in the future.

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