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Improve Your Marketing Strategy with Twitter

Written on June 04, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Promoting your brand through social media like Twitter is a hit nowadays. But do you really know how to use Twitter to improve your marketing strategy?

is like a live networking event, where users can jump into a conversation any time. It’s a great tool for sharing information and engaging with followers. However, most users only starts the conversation without making a two-way dialog. It’s like walking into an event, and shouting at the people without hearing their response.

The same thing goes with . Twitter can help businesses make better connections and build brand exposure. Read on to see five great ways in improving strategy with Twitter’s help.

1. Locate opportunities through advance search options.

Through, you can put in keywords that other people would use in conversation to find you, your products or services. Once you find these keywords in a tweet, reach out to that person who posted it to say hello, connect and build a relationship. In addition to this, the advance search option enables you to target tweets from a particular area so that you can stay within a community.

2. Boost search engine optimization by posting tweets.

Posting a tweet doesn’t only make you active on news feeds, it also improves your ranking on online searches. So be sure to use keyword-rich phrases in your tweets as often as possible. If that can’t be helped, make sure to include your company name in your bio, since it’s public and open to search.

3. Connect with other media.

tools like Cision’s Journalist Tweets and Muckrack can help you locate journalists, editors and producers and see how active they are on Twitter. These tools can aid on deciding which media outlets would best feature your .

4. Reaching people on mobile phones.

With mobile messaging as one of the best ways to connect with your prospects, a Twitter option will enable you to directly deliver your tweets as SMS to your followers. If someone has subscribed to your tweets through mobile device, he or she will automatically received your posts through SMS. However, if you’re planning to do this, be sure to create a separate Twitter account with ‘SMS’ or ‘mobile’ after your company name or username. And only posts tweets a few times a week, so you won’t overwhelm your followers.

5. Change link headlines every time you tweet.

Twitter is excellent for ongoing live traffic all the time, so posting more than once gives you more exposure. In addition, changing your headlines can call different people’s attention, while reaching more followers in varying time zones.

Indeed, Twitter is a tool that can aid businesses and brands to know what their target market is talking about and searching for. And when used properly, it can boost a brand’s connections and website traffic.


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