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Innespace Seabreacher: A Speedboat, a Submarine, or an Airplane?

Written on June 30, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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A dolphin-like speedboat that can lunge underneath the water and aviate 18 feet into the air. Introducing... The Innespace Seabreacher!

The is a 17-foot vessel that can dive into 50mph water like a , sail across the surface like a , and aviate in the air like planes do.

This speedboat has a built-in 1500cc engine, a watertight cockpit and six fins — making it look like a dolphin. It also got some entertainment such as a GPS, an iPod dock and speakers, LCD screens, and a digital periscope.

Tail Fins
The Innespace Seabreacher uses tail fins to launch itself out of the surface. When the vessel is underneath the water, its fins will push it downward and the nose upward.

Side Fins
When the side fins tilt forward, the vessel will go deeper into the water, while tilting the fins backward will make the Innespace Seabreacher rise out of the water.

Water Jet
When planning for a dive, drivers would just have to use the pedals and direct the craft downward. There is also a steering wheel inside the Innespace Seabreacher, which can be used for directing turns.

The Innespace Seabreacher has 260-horsepower gas engine — a feature similar to a . When the vessel is underneath the water, it gets oxygen from its engine.

The Innespace Seabreacher can be purchased for $81,000.

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