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Know What’s Happening Around You with Banjo

Written on June 23, 2011 by Japhet Writ

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Never miss an opportunity of being in the know with Banjo.

Location services are the best way to let users share their whereabouts and link the digital and physical realms. However, all-important physical links are often missed in real world when it matters most. That is the reason why Damien Patton started up , a location-based mobile application that can rule them all.

Launched for and last Wednesday, Banjo aggregates all location-based social updates. It is designed for both social-mobile-local early adopters and newbies alike. Banjo aims to help users avoid missed opportunities.

“Whatever it is that is going on around you, it could have an impact on you in an important way.”

To use Banjo, all you have to do is fire it up, and you’ll instantly see 16 people nearest you based from the third-party geo-tagged social media updates. You can also opt in to navigate across the world, and get a snapshot of what’s happening at a certain venue. Banjo is ideal for right here, right now moments or if you wish to plan ahead.

Moreover, Damien Patton sees Banjo as a funnel to make noises coming from , , , , Instagram and many more digestible to users.

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