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Larry Jordan Discusses the Launching of Final Cut Pro X

Written on June 17, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Final Cut Pro expert Larry Jordan cited several statements regarding the upcoming launch of Final Cut Pro X during a usergroup meeting.

, a expert recently disclosed the upcoming début of the in April. During the , a Final Cut Pro user group conference, Jordan announced that they’ve released few videos and transcripts which can be found at . He pointed out that these videos are worth watching, especially for the users of Final Cut Pro.

While the meeting is ongoing, one particular statement grabbed the attention of most listeners. Larry specified that this application is not yet ready for professional users – not because it is bad or it has some missing specifications, it’s just that it is already a “common knowledge” for users that revisions are a no-no and it should be avoided in all possible ways. However, not all fanatics know this fact.

The Final Cut Pro X has been rewritten from the very start until it became successful. Which means that there is no single code that has been used in order to make the transition. As quoted:

Whenever you’ve got something which is that big a re-write, stuff gets changed, stuff gets left out, stuff gets added later because they can’t get it all re-written and I guarantee you that on day one when the dot zero release ships it will not be ready for professional use.

Apple has a very poor track record of perfect dot zero releases. So for those of you saying: “this is without a question the second coming, I’m going to bet the ranch, I’m buying this the day it’s released and God help me I’m plunging forward whether it’s ready or not” — I want your clients.

I think there is only one company on the planet that could rethink non-linear editing like this. I think it’s Apple. It’s not ready for prime time. First it’s not ready because it isn’t shipping, then when it is shipping it’s time for us to experiment.

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