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Marketing Tips for Entertainment Brands from Facebook

Written on June 12, 2011 by Lulu

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Facebook is one of the most convenient medium that a celebrity, entertainer . entertainment brand or any kind of business can use to interact with their growing numbers of fans, costumers and clients.

While few businesses are still figuring out the value of creating a fan base, have already learned that an active fan community on social networks is important on attaining their goals. This maybe the main reason entertainers were among the first to use as a way to attract, communicate and interact with their fans. And because the most adequate marketing programs – generally put together to compel content with the personality – are exceptionally positioned to succeed with this medium.

Yet, even for the most popular celebrities or entertainers who establishes a strong fan base on Facebook needs more than just creating a page and posting stuffs. Here are four methods on how entertainment brands can speed up their success.

1. Use Questions, Polls and Quizzes to Engage Your Community.

It is better to post your content in a framework of question, a poll or a quiz so that your community on your page can interact to it and to stir up a viral distribution. Some of the newest and popular TV shows around the globe uses this method. For examples are The Real Housewives of New Jersey Page that encouraged their fans to choose a side in a family argument that will be seen in the show’s storyline. The popular youth show Glee also use this kind of approach to their fans. Posting a poll every Tuesday to start interaction for its airing that night.

2. Reward Your Fans

Interacting with your fans is one way to make them happy — and rewarding them is another way. Even if there are too may ways to reward and say thank you to your fans, many celebrities have found out that giving free unique contents is a reason why they come back to your page again and again. Rewarding can also be as simple as making sure that your Page provides holistic and latest important information, such as the schedules of upcoming events, shows or album releases.

3. Let Fans Behind the Scenes

Giving your fans a glimpse of the behind the scenes footage is not only an effective way to reward them, but it is also a great way to take more ownership of your personal brands and stuffs.

4. Use a Facebook Storefront to Turn Fans into Buyers

Sumeet Jain, principal at CMEA Capital, said that more business transactions will be done on Facebook than Amazon within five years. Which means that the amount of transactions made in Facebook may exceed or surpass $34 billion by 2016! A dozen of entertainers are already hitting the large numbers of their existing fan base today by sending off a Facebook Storefront, and turning their fans to buyers and product evangelists.

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