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Monster Launches New Networking App on Facebook

Written on June 27, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Monster, an employment website, now enters the world of social media with its newest application called BeKnown.

Employment site, , has released a new professional networking application called . allows all Monster members to post their personal information on . Knowing that this social media site has over 700 million users, it is expected that members might meet other professional people or even employers. As explained by , Monster’s product vice president, “This is the path of least resistance. You can manage your professional identity and your social identity in one place.”

Releasing a new networking application on Facebook is not that easy for Monster, since they knew that there are a lot of renowned employment websites today. This includes , which is popular for being the premier professional social network with over 100 million members. Another thing, Monster is not the first website to make use of Facebook. They seem to have similar plans with .

However, in order to make BeKnown stand out over its competitors, Monster has added some unique features on it. The said app entitles all members to get Foursquare-like badges, a detail which will appear every time you complete a professional goal. BeKnown users are also capable of following companies and getting endorsements — a feature which is not yet present in BranchOut.

Knowing that Monster had suffered from a net sale drop off last 2 years, it is expected that this newest app will help them regain what they have lost.

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