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Multiple Photo Sharing with iPhone’s Photogram

Written on June 17, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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Timelines had successfully created a new application for iPhones. The Photogram is expected to stand out due to its cool theme designs and user-friendly features.

Last Wednesday, a new application had been released in the . The is an application that is capable to send a maximum of four photos in one digital postcard, with cool backgrounds. It allows users to create fashionable digital pictures and share them to friends through email, , and .

Photogram was developed by startup . According to the company, they designed this iPhone application with their own artistry and creativity. With Photogram, iPhone carriers can now capture memorable moments, choose four of them, and then pick a theme from its built-in gallery. , CEO of Timelines, said: “The iPhone has dramatically increased the number of everyday photographers documenting moments in their lives. We saw a need for a simple app to share those photos, and we wanted to improve and enhance their delivery.”

In Photogram, users can choose a background from an array of being designed by independent artists. These are described as photo backdrops, which could give your photos a more fashionable look. There are multiple that are already available in this application, but if you want to have some more, you can purchase them for only $0.99 each. Once you have bought a new theme, it will be placed on your Theme Library and will be usable on all Photograms in the future.

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