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New Love Plus Game’s Features For 3DS

Written on June 16, 2011 by Lulu

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Konami created a 3DS version of Love Plus game, to be available in Japan this fall.

Planning to buy a New Love Plus for ? Or are you still considering just how happy and contented you are with your current digital relationship in ? Great news from for the avid fans of this game! You could import your girlfriend data over from the DS Love Plus into the 3DS version by using the data import tool from that will be selling through the e-Shop for 200 Yen.

The New Love Plus game gyro support that will allow you to look at your girl from all sides. However, your virtual girlfriend will react if you’re staring at a certain spot of her body for too long. You can also take some pictures of your girl via camera mode that uses gyro sensor for framing. While taking her photo, you could use the mic to call her attention. If you’re in a good terms with her, she’ll be posing for your shots.

Players can also save the pictures in a SD card. Additionally, you can also use a photo in your identity card for exchanging with other players. This game also features Boyfriend lock, where it uses face recognition, so that other players cannot use your virtual girlfriend.  reports that the New Love Plus game is due for release this Fall in Japan.

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