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Nintendo’s Kid Icarus: Uprising, Displayed at E3 2011

Written on June 09, 2011 by Lulu

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Another game from Nintendo wowed the E3 2011goers. Introducing, Kid Icarus: Uprising!

With two consecutive chances, surprised the participants of with their presentation of one of their latest offerings — the Kid Icarus: . Nintendo also have a playable demos of the game in single and multiplayer mode.

There are two teams that will face each other in confined stages of the game called the “light” and the “dark”. The goal of the game is to annihilate all the members of the opposing team. Before the match starts, players will pick a weapon of their choice that includes swords, cannons, claws and everything that can be used to whack the head of their enemies. But just like the other games, weapons affect some attributes of your character like attack and movement speed. As the life points of the opposing team decrease, a Pit icon will be seen on one of its members’ head. Kill the player with the pit and you win.

Its multiplayer mode is just the same with the single player mode with regards to controls and the movements. But it suffers from the same issues on that component. Pressing and holding the 3 with your left hand on the circle pad and L button, while targeting with the stylus in your right hand, is quite awkward and basically possible if you put the 3 on a platform or stand. The melee attacks also lacks visual feedback, because everything in the game moves fast. However, the dash move is implemented well and feels satisfying. It allows the player to dodge almost all the attacks.

Nintendo also displayed an AR card-based multiplayer mode, which utilizes new Kid Icarus-themed AR cards to display characters fighting each other on your table or whatever. All We Like is yet to get hands or 3D camera-on with this mode.

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